vendredi 1 avril 2011

Actual photo of the "massive" Tea Party rally yesterday in Washington DC

Just look at these tens of thousands of hundreds of Teabaggers converging in Washington DC yesterday:

only a few hundred pwople showed up at the 'big' Tea Party rally in Washington DC on March 31

I saw more people than this gather for a Peter Karp concert in Tenafly a few years ago.

Jed Lewison braved Faux Noise for coverage, where the meme was that the bad weather kept people away. Remember, these so-called tea party patriots are the same guys who dress up in three-cornered hats and invoke the Founding Fathers; they give lip service to worship of Our Brave Military, yet they are too wussy to get a little bit wet and a little bit cold in the service of their Noble Cause.

Frauds. Every last one of them.

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