mardi 12 avril 2011

Pap Smears at Applebee's

It isn't so much that I want to write about the fact that the biggest pair of doofuses ever to appear on a cable TV show (and I'm including Snooki and JWoWW in that consideration too) think that you can get pap smears at Walgreen's. It's just that I can't pass up the opportunity to point out the latest example of right-wing idiocy when it also provides the opportunity to once again flog David Brooks for his "salad bar at Applebee's" observation about how Barack Obama can't relate to "the common man" as well as a pundit who deludes himself that he has a brain in his head.

And I think "Pap Smears at Applebee's" would be the greatest name for a rock band since the Fountains of Wayne were left orphaned by the closing of, well, The Fountains of Wayne.

If YOU decide to name your band "Pap Smears at Applebee's", please e-mail me a link to your YouTube video and I'll post it. But until then, here are the Fountains of Wayne:

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