mardi 5 avril 2011

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Sometimes reading what's going on in this country makes me want to just crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head.

From the "I'll find a way to get knocked up for $262,000" file, a teen abstinence advocacy program funded by Candie's shoes paid teen mom Bristol Palin seven times what they devote to, say, actual pregnancy prevention programs.

He's only THREATENING a veto? Obama is only "threatening" to veto an anti-EPA bill. I'll believe it when I see it, after all, if he vetoes it, Republicans will say mean things about him.

Why don'tcha get a REAL job, you lazy-ass slacker?
James O'Keefe is begging for money again.

Now they're telling us that estrogen replacement LOWERS cancer risk. I give up.

I won't be satisfied until Driftglass succeeds in driving David Brooks out of the punditry business.

That's it. There's only so much outrage one person can take in a day.

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