mardi 19 avril 2011

Tuesday Big Blue Smurf Blogging: What They Said

Today's honoree is The New York Crank, whose valuable voice is back with us after a hiatus following a terrible, tragic loss. It's no compensation, but we're happy he's back, especially with this post about the world in which the super-rich will find themselves living after they succeed in amassing ALL the country's wealth for themselves.

Money quote:
The future of super wealth in this country will be a future filled with fear of kidnapping. Fear that gangsters will surround your car and shoot your driver, drag you into a truck, chop off your thumb and send it to your family to show that they are truly sincere about wanting all the cash your relatives can put their hands on.

If it's not you who gets kidnapped, then it will be your son. Or your daughter. Or your wife.

Believe me, the “kidnapping tax” rate will be higher than any income tax that any Democrat has ever called for.

Decapitated heads at your front door

Expect to see decapitated private policemen among those who you hired to protect you. Dead guards lying in pools of blood in front of your bullet-riddled front door. Expect to take your daily drive to the office by a different route each day, preferably in a different automobile each day, to confuse those hoping to kidnap you and torture you.

It boils down to often-repeated history: those who sow unreasonably acquisitive greed will reap a whirlpool of blood.

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