jeudi 7 avril 2011

George Allen does it again

You'd think he'd have learned from last time:
NBC 4’s reporter-anchor Craig Melvin is a tall African-American. Which apparently led to this exchange with former Sen. George Allen, according to Melvin’s Twitter account Tuesday night:

“For the 2nd time in 5 months, fmr. gov. and sen candidate George Allen asks me,”what position did you play?” I did not a play a sport.”

Allen has apologized via Twitter, saying ".@craigmelvin sorry if I offended, ask people a lot if they played sports Grew up in football family found sports banter good way to connect"

Especially when you have cognitive dissonance caused by a black guy who didn't play a sport.

And this racist fuckwit moron is ahead of Democratic opponent Tim Kaine for the Senate seat being vacated by Jim Webb by 13%.

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