mardi 12 avril 2011

Pictures That Make JP Want to Puke Up Everything You've Eaten Since 1959

Don't ask me what the fuck Karl Rove was doing in the White House recently, at any time, for any reason. This is a guy who bugged his own office in an attempt to sabotage the reelection campaign of the Texas Governor. This is the rat who outed Valerie Plame and this is the blubbery-lipped fuck who got fired by W's daddy. This is the guy who disappeared over a million emails and this is the guy who thumbed his nose at Congress when ordered to testify about the firing of nine US attorneys who refused to play ball with the Bush junta.

It's like spending years cleaning your computer of malware that shitcanned your hard drive only to go back to the same porn site that gave it to you in the first place.

But if this picture doesn't delineate everything that is wrong with this country at this point, nothing does. It encapsulates why Obama started from a compromise of a compromise on the health care bill, why he's allowed the GOP, even when they were in the minority in both houses of Congress, to have their spending cuts, it explains why Obama decided to ignore recent history and didn't call the GOP on their bluff to shut down the government even though they control just the lower chamber.

Because if Obama can make friends with a Republican traitor and war criminal like Karl Rove, then well, by God, he can get along with just about anybody. This picture ought to be disseminated far and wide everywhere to all four corners of the nation and the internet when Obama begins his re-election campaign in earnest. It ought to be as infamous as the one of John McCain cutting a birthday cake with Bush the day Katrina made landfall and the one of him hugging Bush despite what Rove did to him in South Carolina and the one of Joe Lieberman getting a smack on the kisser from, once again, Bush. It ought to be turned into a giant three dimensional paper mache statue and put on tour in all 50 states.

But it won't. You know why it won't?

Because all too many of us, many on Daily Kos, insist on saying, "Well, it could've been worse. We could've gotten McCain and Palin."

Guess what? We still have them. McCain singlehandedly kept moving the goalposts back and stalling DADT's repeal. Sarah Palin's balcony pronouncements from Facebook and Twitter are still shaping policy. Remember the death panels? Trig? Weeks later, the Obama administration pressured Congress into striking out funding for end of life counseling mainly because of Sarah Palin.

Remember "Drill, baby, drill?" Obama took up her oil-powered torch and said basically the same thing and opened up more of the Gulf Coast to offshore drilling just weeks before the Deepwater Horizon exploded on Earth Day almost a year ago.

It's as if they were elected, after all. So how much better off are we under this man than we were four years ago or even two years ago?

Look at that lead picture again. Then tell me if you still want to reelect a guy who insists on playing footsie and Hide the Sausage with the GOP that will never stop until he's run out of town on a rail no matter how many knob-noshings he gives them in public?

Do you want a guy who persists on loading his staff and his Cabinet that loads the government with even more corporate types to run this country for another four years even though we still don't have a workable health care policy, still have not come close to getting a handle on runaway debt, a runaway deficit, caves on tax cuts for billionaires, a monthly unemployment rate of 9-10%, had undermined unions, employs corporate tycoons who are largely the reason why there are no jobs while gas is now almost $4 a gallon for no earthly good reason, is targeting US citizens for assassination without due process, had kept Gitmo open and refuses to divulge torture photos and breaking his campaign promises to do so, bailed out Wall St. for the second time, is not only pumping trillions of dollars into two unwinnable wars but getting us involved in a third one without the consent of Congress and keeps telling us to STFU, things will get better sometime, somehow, some way, despite a GOP that opposes him no matter what he does?

And that's just some what we already know. God only knows what we'll find out in the future what he did behind our backs. "Thank God McCain and Palin didn't get elected"?! Take a look at that short list of failures, capitulations and about-faces above and you tell me how they could've done worse. Whether it's 2000 or 3000 degrees, fire still burns and destroys almost everything it touches.

That lead picture is emblematic of the rottenness and corruption of this administration that never met a corporation or a Republican it didn't love. That picture is why you should vote in the Democratic primaries for a real progressive, a real liberal, a real Democrat that isn't bought and sold by Goldman Sachs, the tax-dodging GE, the Bilderberg Group and most of Wall Street.

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