mercredi 27 juillet 2011

Best. Idea. Ever.

This sounds like a great way to get karmic brownie points (from Digby):
I have a business idea. Who wants to incorporate and and sell themselves to jobless people as their "current job" for resume purposes? You could just charge a little fee if the person gets the job. Why not? It's no more immoral than saying people shouldn't be allowed to work if they aren't already working.

This business about not being willing to hire the unemployed is reprehensible. I was laid off from a job three years ago not through any fault of my own, but because the grant money ran out and I had less seniority than my peer who stayed (there were two of us and they could only afford to pay one). I managed to get my current job during a very small window when anyone with even passing familiarity with the job function could get hired, but then I set my mind to essentially starting from scratch. Yes, it required a lot of effort, but if a person can learn, that person can get up to speed quickly.

Mr. Brilliant is currently working at a contract job that pays significantly less than he was making before he was one of at least six people over the age of fifty let go from his last job, and has nothing to do with what his skills are, but at least he can tell people who might have "permanent" jobs available that he's working.

If you had any doubt that there is a systematic attempt underfoot to completely eliminate the middle class, here it is. Those who have lost their jobs have a head start on the road down to grinding poverty, and those in a position to hire (you know, those "job creators" that John Boehner always talks about) want to make damn sure they stay that way. Meanwhile, those of us who DO still have good-paying jobs burn out, then try to take some much-needed vacation time and spend it with gnawing anxiety about whether they'll still be seen as valuable after taking a few days off.

The Republicans, particularly the Tea Party wing, has been masterful at taking jobs as an issue out of the public consciousness entirely because of this debt issue. Remember when the Republicans ran on job creation? Where are the jobs? And what does John Boehner expect the "99ers" to do now? Die in the street?

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