lundi 4 juillet 2011

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Is This What It's Come To Edition

BMW could never get away with this in Germany.

Frank Rich is back and noting that the very financial community on which Obama is relying for campaign cash will probably be his undoing.

One has to wonder what Thomas Jefferson would have thought about people like this.

At least one NJ paper has Chris Christie's number. (via) And on a related topic, how did the hacktacular Steve Sweeney EXEPCT us to respond?

If you want to know how a nation that used to have presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and political/cultural leaders like Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony now has presidential candidates like Mitt "I'm Unemployed Too" Romney and Michele "Beard" Bachmann, this should give you an idea.

Who really run tings.

Executive pay is up 23% but God forbid they should have to pay a nickel more in taxes. (And yet more...)

Dear wingnuts: Do you STILL believe that everyone should have children?

And finally:

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