dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Special What Democratic Party? Edition

If you haven't bookmarked Krugman's blog, it's time.

Sorry Tom, it's over.

The New York Crank has some good suggestions on what to cut first.

Bruce Schmiechen: Centrism in extremis: how serious people" handed the hostage-takers their weapons.

What Bustednuckles said.

Chris Floyd: If the Republic Had Not Died A Long Time Ago, This Would Indeed Be the Death of the Republic

DCap is about as dispirited as I am.

At least there's SOMETHING to celebrate: Margaret and Helen are back. And Batocchio celebrated his 6th Blogiversary this weekend.

While we're on the subject, happy 7th blogiversary to me. I completely forgot. I seem to do that a lot lately with birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Being sold out by the very people you put into office and working nonstop and then having to worry about your project deadlines while you're supposed to be on vacation will do that.

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