samedi 28 mai 2011

Saturday Big Blue Smurf Blogging: What They Said

Today's honoree (once again), is Bustednuckles, on the Idiocy of Dana Rohrabacher.

Money quote:
I would bet a hundred bucks that this fucking idiot doesn't know that the Sahara Desert used to be a sub tropical paradise.
Anyone with an IQ over their shoe size knows what happens when you cut down too many trees in a certain environmental zone, the top layer of soil goes away and the local climate changes.
The next thing you have is a desert.

Dude, cutting down trees is the answer to our problems?
Halleluja! We are SAVED!

Fuck me, there must be over a billion trees in this state, let's start here!

Think of the economic boom!

Thousands of out of work lumberjacks, log truck drivers, saw mills and ships to take those pesky fuckers somewhere else, all working 24/7 to cut down all those trees to save the planet!


Then we can all stand around and watch every inch of top soil get washed off the hills and clog up all our rivers and wonder why there is no wildlife in our hills and no fish in our rivers, why we have nothing but mud and dust to eat.

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