dimanche 8 mai 2011

Comment rules

This morning I made a decision about which I was ambivalent about rejecting a comment, so I thought it might be a good time to talk briefly about my comment rules. I don't have a lot of them, but here are three off the top of my head:

1) If all you're going to do is spout Fox News talking points, peppered with foul epithets against all liberals, don't bother. This is a liberal blog, and you have plenty of other outlets to spout this kind of crap to people who will appreciate it. I can just go click-click-click to delete comments; I don't even have to read them.

2) If you're a conservative with a viewpoint to discuss under the "Intelligent people of good will can disagree" doctrine, you're welcome to come here for dialogue. We have a few who fall into this category, and you know who you are. Just don't expect us to agree with you. :-)

3) Comments containing eliminationist rhetoric will not be published. I don't care at whom it's targeted, I do not want "shoot 'em all" comments on this blog. It's dangerous when it's directed at our side, and we do ourselves no favors directing it the other way. If the day should come when there is armed revolution in the streets, then it will be different. But for now, talk of guns directed at people we don't like is off-limits.

Occasionally I may miss and accidentally delete a comment I wanted to publish. Please don't take it personally.

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