lundi 8 août 2011

Ten Thousand Holes In Blackburn Lancashire

Dana Milbank, comedy writer:

“I didn’t know it would cause this much consternation,” [Florida Congressman John] Mica said. “Now I’ve just got to get the broom and the shovel and clean up the mess.” Switching metaphors, he said he wanted “to unclog the toilet, but it backed up. So I don’t know what to do, what to say.”

Zomigod, there's more!

On Thursday, Democrats announced a plan to reopen the FAA and said they would use waivers from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to avoid Mica’s rural airport cuts. Mica, pronouncing himself thwarted, said he was stunned that Democrats took Republicans “by the short hairs,” as he put it. “Quite honestly we did not expect that.”

They should have. The 10-term lawmaker was operating under archaic rules. “In our business, you use your legislative tools...and put a little leverage on it,” he said. “How else do I do it? Am I going to send them a bouquet?”

But Mica, as much as anybody, created a culture of distrust, where staking out bargaining positions leads not to compromise but to warfare. And now he’s surprised?

“People don’t have to get so personal,” he said with a sigh. “A lot of people hate me now and think I’m the worst thing in the world for what I did.” It’s “this sort of gotcha,” he said, “that’s changed the dynamics of people working more effectively together.”

I'm cryin'! By Milbank's own numbers, 74,000 FAA employees were furloughed and Mica's fee-fees sting-owie-owie. Pronounces himself thwarted like a caped supervillain! If we were real humans, we might learn from this experience. Milbank:

Hopefully he’ll remember that the next time he sticks it to the other side.

Right! Look forward to FAA Shutdown, Part Deux: The Re-Routening in which Mica takes his plunger to local balloon shows to punish Chuck Schumer for ...something - and Milbank. Is. There!

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