vendredi 12 août 2011

More than just cowboy boots and good hair

I know that the homoerotic nature of male pundits is going to force them th fall madly in love with Rick Perry. After all, he's another grinning, glad-handing sack of shit govenor for Texas with a penchant for macho drag, a sibilant "s" in his speech, an ostentaiously religious man, with a history of lousy grades in college. Hey, what could go wrong?

Here's what could go wrong. We on the left talk a lot about "Christian Taliban", and we've taken a lot of crap because no one's yet in the streets beating up women for voting or wearing short skirts. But that could change under a Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann presidency, because both are part of Christian Reconstruction, as Rachel Maddow pointed out the other night:

I know guys like Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews love their mancrushes. I just hope that they look at the bigger picture when slobbering all over this guy, at the very least, read this article before deciding that cowboy boots and a full head or hair are sufficient qualifications for presiding over a diverse nation.

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