samedi 6 août 2011

Blogrolling In Our Time: It was just my im-aggregation

If you, like me, threw in the towel on Huffington Post when Arianna Huffington pocketed a cool $40 million and started palling around with journalistic terrorist Andrew Breitbart, you might have felt a lack of a good news aggregator in your life. The always-reliable Buzzflash is still around, though it seems to have lost something since the sale to Truthout. Hoffmania threw in the towel on blogging a long time ago, and is now just a blog aggregator, but he pretty much just links to the usual suspects.

Recently I've been prowling the comments section of Paul Krugman's NYT blog, from whence most of our most recent blogrollees have come, and in the spirit of poaching Krugman's readers, combined with the fact that since "blog" is kind of a loose term, let's add Reality Chex to the mix, shall we?

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