jeudi 17 mars 2011

Thursday Big Blue Smurf Blogging: What They Said

Today's honoree: Rep. Anthony Weiner, for reaching across the aisle and giving kudos to the Republicans for at long last voting to free us from Tom and Ray Magliozzi:

Because after all, isn't that the most important thing that Americans care about?

I'll go Weiner one better. I'll congratulate the Republicans for their efforts to free us from these people:

And this guy:

And oh yeah...this dirty fucking hippie too:

...who plays dirty fucking hippie music like this:

Because in a country where companies refuse to hire the already-laid-off, where people over 50 are told they have to work till they're 70 in jobs that don't exist and young people out of college can't find jobs either; where states are requiring that religious dogma be taught as science and that everyone must have a gun and that 11-year-olds who were gang raped were asking for it, and where the thing that precipitated today's vote to defund NPR was demonstrated to be a fake by a site owned by none other than Glenn Fucking Beck, the most important thing in the world, what Americans went to the polls for in 2010 and voted for these clowns to do, was to get rid of NPR.

Honorable mention: The Great Driftglass, who pointed me to Weiner's awesome video.

Money quote:
Debate and reason do not work, because Conservatism is no longer operationally a political philosophy, and the GOP is no longer a political party. They are cults, and no self-respecting cult junior assistant copy-boy who is gunning for a promotion to the Cult Home Office ever made it into cult middle management by saying, "Whoopsie! Looks like we got this one wrong! Maybe the infidels are right this time and we need to rethink the Glorious and Infallible words of our Foundational Dogma."

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