dimanche 12 juin 2011

News You Can Use

Welcome to our nightmare:

There's a reason why Donald Trump and Sarah Palin got together; they're both grifters.

If this is what good Christians do when they run for office, I'm remaining a pagan.

Can we stop pretending that Tim Pawlenty is somehow a reasonable conservative now?

Who's palling around with terrorists now?

If you weren't already aware of it, please read what the Weiner scandal is REALLY all about -- and pass it on.

And finally, because we are a society that only cares about entertainment, some good, or at least interesting news: A new version of I, Claudius. How fitting for our times, and an opening for a summer of fun talking about casting. I've got Helen Mirren earmarked as Livia. No one jumps out at me for the lead, except perhaps Toby Jones.

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