mercredi 15 juin 2011

But it's really GREAT shit, Mrs. Pressky.

Japanese researcher Mitsyuki Ikeda has come up with perhaps the greenest alternative to the livestock industry yet: he's engineered fake meat from human feces. Ikeda's artificial meat is made from extracting lipids and protein from "sewage mud," combining these lipids with a reaction enhancer and putting the whole thing in an exploder to combine it. Steak sauce and soy sauce add saltiness and a dash of umami to the fake meat.

Mitsyuki Ikeda's fake meat from human feces may not float your proverbial boat, but it's an innovative form of food production that reuses one of the most renewable substances on the planet. Ikeda notes that the "burgers" are low in fat and, because they don't rely on livestock, won't raise carbon emissions or waste.

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