lundi 27 juin 2011

If only we could be sure that her entire campaign will be like this

Count me not among those gleefully rubbing my hands together at the comedy potential of the Michale Bachmann presidential candidacy. You can laugh at Sarah Palin because she's a dim, willfully ignorant, aging high school mean girl who's addicted to attention. But Michele Bachmann is the Real Deal -- a confirmed theocrat who can put to relatively coherent sentences together. It's a mark of how serious a candidate she is that even Chris Wallace of Fox News joined the pileon over the weekend. Bachmann cannot be promoted by the media for entertainment potential, because as Matt Taibbi writes in a piece not to be missed:
She is at once the most entertaining and the most dangerous kind of liar, a turbocharged cross between a born bullshit artist and a religious fanatic, for whom lying to the infidel is a kind of holy duty.

This quite possibly schizophrenic woman could very well find her way into the White House, unless she keeps making mistakes like this one:
Michele Bachmann delivered her presidential announcement in Waterloo, Iowa, Monday because she was born there, but she inadvertently ended up reminding residents of a dark chapter in their town’s history.

In an interview with Fox News Channel, Bachmann, the Minnesota conservative, pointed out that John Wayne, the actor, was from Waterloo. “That’s the kind of spirit I have, too,” Bachmann said.

Small problem: John Wayne didn’t hail from Waterloo. The former Marion Morrison was born in Winterset, Iowa, more than 100 miles to the south.

The most famous John Wayne from Waterloo is instead John Wayne Gacy, the infamous “killer clown” of Chicago, who was convicted of killing more than 30 young men in the 1970s and stashing their bodies in a crawlspace in his house.

Of course given the media love affair with All Things Republican, this will no doubt be spun as showing what a Regular American® she is. And perhaps she is -- a willfully ignorant Jesus freak who pulls stuff out of her ass and spouts it as truth.

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