vendredi 21 janvier 2011


Comcast got the OK to buy NBC on Wednesday.

Keith Olbermann got the boot today. This disgusting piece of shit rants on:

Citizens United is the worst thing to ever happen to this country, and yes I am including Pearl Harbor and 9/11 in that consideration. Yes, more people died in those events. But freedom and democracy itself died the day the Roberts court decided that corporations should be able to buy government and control the public airwaves utterly.

If you have Comcast, AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you might consider speaking to these fuckers in the only language they understand, and cancel your subscription. I've had Dish Network for over a decade. Yes, it costs me a bit more, and I have no triple threat or triple trouble or any of the other packages the giant behemoths who control the information flow are putting out. I also often have coupons. If you want more information, contact me. Dish Network also carries FSTV, where you can see Democracy Now and Thom Hartmann's new show. You won't find that on Comcast.

UPDATE: You can thank Keith Olbermann for speaking truth to power for the last eight years here.

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