dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Headlines That Make You Just Want to Throw a Brick Through Joe Overton's Window.

(A Brilliant @ Breakfast exclusive.)

Obama to Press Centrist Agenda in His Address.

Because, just for shits and giggles, he's enjoyed pissing off conservatives with his Commie, Socialist, leftist agenda of shielding the war criminals of the Bush junta, keeping from the American public pictures and videos of us torturing defenseless brown people in our name and paid for with our tax dollars, giving two more years of tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% while beginning the hamstring-cutting of Social Security, giving us a lobbyist-written and Republican-approved health care bill, ramping up the war in Afghanistan, moving the goalposts back on getting us out of Iraq, bailing out Wall Street for the 2nd time, using more war profiteers than we ever did under Bush, playing Hu's Your Daddy with a Commie figurehead, sucking up to the terrorist Israelis, rattling his saber against a sovereign nation based on unsubstantiated, right wing rumors they may have nukes, firing and othereise throwing under the wheels of the bus any person of color with whom racists like Breitbart and Glenn Beck might have a problem, refusing to sign us on the Kyoto Protocol, giving a free pass for galactic-class polluters like BP to continue business as usual, has done everything in his power to undermine the unions that were crucial to his getting elected and bitch-slapping liberals, while giving racist Tea Baggers a free pass, for exercising our first amendment rights to criticize his administration for these broken campaign promises and other transgressions.

Those poor, poor Republicans. What they've had to deal with from this radical pinko over the last two years.

So now we're going to go to the right of center for a while, as if there's actually been a neutral meeting point between Obama and the Republicans, as if there's actually been a "center" on which Obama and the Republicans have been openly meeting and upon which they've been forming policy.

So let's go to the right of that, closer to the "center."

The problem is, if Obama moves any closer to the "center", pretty soon Jim DeMint will be complaining that he's too conservative and that we ought to, instead, go back to the "centrist" days of St. Ronnie of the Horse Ranch.

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