lundi 31 janvier 2011

Perhaps Glenn Beck ought to look elsewhere for his creepying tyranny

To Darrell Issa, for example, who wants to know just who is seeking documents under the Freedom of Information Act, the name of which seems to escape him:

Representative Darrell Issa calls it a way to promote transparency: a request for the names of hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens, business executives, journalists and others who have requested copies of federal government documents in recent years.

Mr. Issa, a California Republican and the new chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, says he wants to make sure agencies respond in a timely fashion to Freedom of Information Act requests and do not delay them out of political considerations.

But his extraordinary request worries some civil libertarians. It “just seems sort of creepy that one person in the government could track who is looking into what and what kinds of questions they are asking,” said David Cuillier, a University of Arizona journalism professor and chairman of the Freedom of Information Committee at the Society of Professional Journalists. “It is an easy way to target people who he might think are up to no good.”

And so the fishing expedition begins. Perhaps Issa is engaging in some good old Republican projection -- looking for corruption in others to cover up the filthy stench of his own history.

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