dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Blogrolling In Our Time

There are a number of reasons why I like to link to my blogroll every now and then. Some of it is sheer laziness, though clicking through and reading often takes more time than writing an actual post. Some of it is killing two birds with one stone -- linking while reading. Part of it is my ongoing participation in the tribute to the late, great Jon Swift, who would blogroll anyone who asked. I'm not quite as nice as he was, but that point brings us to reason #2, which is that linking to other blogs tends to bring in THEIR readers, and this brings in their blogrolls, and so on. Most of the bloggers I've linked to lately either have come in from Paul Krugman's comment section, or else, as today's new entry does, over the transom from a link post. So say hello to The Polygon, whom we just encountered today.

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