mardi 8 février 2011

From the "Closing the Barn Door After the Horse Leaves" file

From Barack Obama sitting down with Bill O'Reilly to Blue Dogs, we are now seeing the fruits of the labor of the Democratic Leadership Council, an organizatino founded from the brilliant idea that instead of reminding Americans that most of the government programs they LIKE are liberal ones, Democrats should be more like Republicans. Because being an ersatz Thing B is so much better than being a real and true Thing A.

It took a long time; it took Bill Clinton and NAFTA and Evan Bayh and Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln and the odious Bart Stupak and countless other sellout whores, but the DLC finally realized that given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.

So good riddance to bad rubbish:
The Democratic Leadership Council, the iconic centrist organization of the Clinton years, is out of money and could close its doors as soon as next week, a person familiar with the plans said Monday.

The DLC, a network of Democratic elected officials and policy intellectuals had long been fading from its mid-'90s political relevance, tarred by the left as a symbol of "triangulation" at a moment when there's little appetite for intra-party warfare on the center-right. The group tried -- but has failed -- to remake itself in the summer of 2009, when its founder, Al From, stepped down as president. Its new leader, former Clinton aide Bruce Reed, sought to remake the group as a think tank, and the DLC split from its associated think tank, the Progressive Policy Institute.

But Reed left the DLC last year himself to serve as Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff, leaving Ed Gresser, a trade expert, to lead the group in the interim. Since then the board "hasn't been able to find someone who wanted to come on in a permanent capacity," a person familiar with the group's woes said, with the central problem the difficulty of raising money for a Democratic group that isn't seen as an ally of the White House.

"With its CEO Bruce Reed joining the Administration, the DLC Board of Directors has decided to suspend operations while it considers what the next phase of the DLC will be," From said in an emailed statement. "The issues the DLC has championed continue to be vital to our country and the DLC will continue to impact them in its next phase. The Democratic Leadership Council has had an historic impact on American politics over the past 25 years. We’re convinced that it will continue to have that impact in the future."

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