samedi 4 décembre 2010

These are real people, Mr. President

These are the people whom you are sacrificing on the altar of "bipartisanship":

Is your need to prove that you're the NICE black man so deep-seated that you will allow Republicans throw these people out on the street? If the answer to that is yes, than pack up and go home. Just go home. Led Biden run things for a while and let the chips fall where they may in 2012.

Go back to Chicago, or move to New York and call in all your markers to Wall Street for that eight-figure job you know you can ask for in exchange for continuing to hand the store over to the bankers. Orszag might even be in a position to hire you. Yes, you'll be known forever as a quitter -- right up there with Sarah Palin -- except YOUR job may in fact BE unmanageable. But at least what's left of the middle class in this country after thirty years of Reaganomics might have a fighting chance, at least for the next two years, until people's angry is so red-hot that they put someone in charge who will accelerate the path of middle class destruction. And I'm sorry, Mr. President, but the people in this video, and the hundreds of thousands more who don't appear in it, and the many, many others, some in my own industry, for whom the axe will fall in the next year, are more important than you are.

You know the saying, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way"? Following is what you've been doing. Following is doing nothing to prevent the pulling the rug out from under tens of thousands of people EVERY SINGLE DAY. Either lead or get the fuck out of the way and make room for someone who does.


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