mercredi 27 octobre 2010

If the teabaggers don't want us drawing parallels with the Third Reich, why do they keep acting like brownshirts?

NPR receives a bomb threat right after firing Juan Williams:
NPR received a bomb threat Monday, five days after its decision to fire news analyst Juan Williams sparked a hugely negative reaction.

Sources at the news organization said the threat was received via U.S. mail and was immediately turned over to local police and the FBI. The organization did not publicly disclose the threat or release details, on the advice of law enforcement officials.

The letter didn't reference the Williams firing specifically, but people at NPR, who spoke about it on the condition of anonymity, said the timing and tone suggested it was sent after Williams's widely publicized termination.

Bomb threats. Death threats. Stomping the heads of those who disagree with you. And they wonder why we call them thugs? Imagine what they'll do with even a little actual power. You know that Constitution they profess to revere? Outside of the Second Amendment, it'll all be gone.

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