vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Here we go...

Just to show that my cynicism knows no party, I find it fascinating that all of a sudden we have bomb materials allegedly coming into this country just as the TSA is rolling out full-body scanners at Newark Airport -- a place I'm going on Sunday. (For the record? I'll take the pat-down, thank you very much. When you have hospitals who have trained staff who can't get the radiation dosage right in CT scans, do you really want to trust your health a bunch of semi-skilled TSA agents with a radiation-emitting machine? I don't.)

But assuming all this is NOT utter horseshit (and that may be a big assumption), after reading some of the breathless coverage of "The Thwarted Terrorist Attack™", I figured I'd take a gander around among the denizens of wingnuttia and find out how they were going to invert the situation such that a warning of an attack paid heed by a black Democratic president and thwarted puts us at peril, while a warning ignored by a white Republica president who doesn't want to be bothered while on vacation and which results in the deaths of 3000 people is somehow keeping us safe.

Of course the first place one goes when embarking on such an adventure of wading into this fetid cesspool is the endorser of the murderous Ilario Pantaro, Little Pammy Geller, who does not disappoint, claiming that "Obama is very much part of the problem." (I guess because he actually worked to stop the thing, unlike her Texas dimwit hero.)

Over at, commenters who would call anyone crazy who believed in the Reagan "October Surprise" are already insisting this is one.

Liz Cheney is already out there blaming Obama. At the same link, Donald Douglas is confused because Obama is calmly informing the public instead of sitting like a deer in the headlights in a third-grade classroom and then flying all over the country all day. For this bunch, thwarting a terrorist attack makes you weak, but allowing one to happen and then talking tough makes you a tough guy. Calmly assessing a situation makes you weak, running around like a chicken without a head is toughness. That is Republican Reality -- the kind of reality that used to be limited to crazy street people and that guy who used to post ads in the Village Voice who claimed that he was killed by alien death rays and replaced by a CIA double.

Oddly, the Freepers aren't even on this yet. I guess they aren't as ingenious as Pammy in coming up with ways to argue that stopping an attack makes you a traitor while sitting by while one plays out makes you a hero of Outer Wingnuttia.

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