mardi 13 septembre 2011

It's all so disheartening...

Let's face it. We all know just as sure as we're sitting here that Barack Obama's "jobs bill" is going to be gutted by the house so that it includes nothing but tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, the Senate will mewl ineffectually, and it will go to Obama's desk as a tax cut bill, where he will sign it and tell us that it's a bipartisan triumph. We've read this script so many times before it's a wonder that they don't just skip the kabuki theatre and go right to the mass execution of everyone who isn't a CEO.

So it's not like many of us see voting Democratic as any kind of an alternative or brake on the sheer meanness that is today's Republican Party.

But some of the reactions of the teabagger audience at last night's Clown Car Debate O'Hate makes us fearful for what a nation under someone like Rick Perry is going to look like.

Here the audience applauds the idea that if someone doesn't, or can't afford to, buy health insurance, we should just let them die if they get sick (and remember...these people also tend to regard themselves as "pro-life" where feti are concerned):

I only wish Blitzer had then asked the question again with the person in need of emergency care being a child.

I don't want to hear anyone complaining about when Alan Grayson said the Republican health care plan was "Don't get sick, and if you get sick, die quickly." There's nothing he said that wasn't true.

And this crowd is ready to string Ben Bernanke up from a tree:

And here's the debate in only 100 seconds of your time, for those of us who felt that the remaining time in our lives is too valuable to spend listening to the ravings of the insane. Note the opening montage, in which CNN treats the campaign for leader of the free world as if it were WWF wrestling:

And one of these people will in all likelihood be the next president.

Gee, thanks, Mr. Obama. Thanks for nothing.

(TPM liveblogged the whole thing, intrepid souls that they are.)

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