lundi 15 novembre 2010

Tattoos of Mass Destruction

Thinking of getting a tattoo? You'd better be careful what it says, or you could find yourself being hassled as a potential terrorist when you travel:
Noted Los Angeles food stylist Adam C. Pearson was settling into his seat aboard a Delta flight Saturday morning when the flight attendant tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to come to the front of the plane. His first thought? "I'm getting an upgrade!"

Not exactly.

Pearson was temporarily asked to step off the plane and learned that another passenger had reported him for suspicious behavior, and noted that he had the words "Atom Bomb" tattooed across his fingers. Questioned by the captain and the flight attendant, Pearson explained that the tattoos referred to a childhood nickname. After answering a few more questions, Pearson -- who is a frequent Delta passenger and has flown over 142,000 miles with the airline this year alone -- was allowed to return to his seat.

Uh, yeah. Because someone who plans to bring down a plane is going to FUCKING ADVERTISE IT BY GETTING A TATTOO ON HIS KNUCKLES.

When did we become such a nation of fucking babies?


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