mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Like maggots crawling out from under a rock....

As George W. Bush's mean mug appears everywhere on television, urging everyone to "buy his book" (as if he needs the money), the maggots of his dead and putrefying term in the White House are emboldened to come out from under the woodwork. The latest are John "Mr. Congeniality" Bolton and John "Torture Boy" Yoo, advocating AGAINST any kind of nuclear cuts, because their little tiny penises can only be made large by having lots of Big Nasty Missiles. You've just got to read this, because the very same men who thought that the presidency meant absolute rule when THEIR guy was in office, are now citing the Constitution in demanding a strong Senate to maintain enough nukes to destroy the world ten times over.

In other news, the British say Bush is still lying. So do the Germans.

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